Sandstone Tile, Klamath Falls, Floor Coverings InternationalSandstone is a classic sedimentary rock. It’s not just one specific type of material, but instead a whole range of them, varying in appearance and color. It is made up of cemented sand-sized rock grains. This could be quartz and feldspar, or it could be opal minerals. The cementing mineral could be anything from gypsum to clay minerals to zeolite. The varying materials that form sandstone are also what gives it its unique beauty and appeal.

The Appeal of Sandstone

Sandstone makes a very popular tile for homeowners for a number of reasons. The finer grain of sandstone lends a more sophisticated look to a home in comparison to some of the coarser stone tiles. The color variations are also a benefit. Not all sandstone is especially light in color, but sandstone tends to be fairly pale in comparison to most other natural tile options.

A benefit to the paler tone of many sandstone tiles is that the natural swirls and shapes occurring within the stone are very pronounced. Sandstone floors are known for their brilliant patterns, with waves of darker tones cascading across the lighter grains. If you’re using natural materials to floor your home, no two floors are ever quite alike, but with sandstone, the unique appearance from one home to another, from one tile to another, is especially evident.

Ideal Placement for Sandstone Tile

Allowing for weather conditions, sandstone is a material that can be just as effective in outdoor tiling as indoor. It’s not unusual to see a home with a sandstone patio leading right into the sandstone living room. Although this creates a beautiful effect, with the indoor area flowing right into the outdoor area, it should be noted that fading is a concern when installing sandstone outdoors.

Fading tile can be managed to some extent by letting the indoor area get a fair amount of sunlight or using an awning outdoors in order to slow the fade. Sandstone tiles can also be refinished, sanding the surface down just deep enough to let the darker sandstone underneath shine through. In any event, lighter colors are generally preferred for the indoor-outdoor look, as the fade will be less noticeable.

The lighter appearance of sandstone lends a more carefree, yet sophisticated appearance to any room in the home. Sandstone is a durable, unique and versatile solution for flooring your home. If you are ready to learn more about sandstone, or other natural stone tile flooring options, contact our team at Floor Coverings International Klamath Falls for a free in-home design consultation.

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Photo by Thomas Fredriksen