laminate flooring samples, floor coverings international medford-klamath fallsMedford owners in the market for durable, affordable, flooring should take a good look at laminate. Advances in technology have greatly improved the quality of laminate flooring and manufacturers can now produce laminate that mimics not only wood, but ceramic tile and natural stone as well. Floor Coverings International Klamath Falls is here to help you learn more about some different laminate styles available on the market and if they might fit your next project!

Wood Look

Modern laminate can so closely mimic finished wood that even an expert can have difficulty telling the two apart. This means that you can have the look of wood flooring but at a fraction of the cost. Laminate flooring is much easier to install, doesn’t require refinishing, and can be used in high-humidity environments like bathrooms without special care.

Tile Look

Tile look laminate is a great choice for owners who love the appearance of ceramic or stone tile, but don’t want to deal with resealing, grouting, or lengthy installation times. Laminate is also warmer and has more give than ceramic or stone. The extra comfort underfoot makes laminate a popular choice for homes with children or adults who want a bit more cushion than offered with true stone or tile.

Custom Looks

Because laminate is a synthetic material, it can be created in a wide range of colors and patterns — similar to luxury vinyl tile. This versatility allows owners to create custom floors that can’t be easily achieved using other floor materials. For example, you can use laminate to create a metallic looking floor!

Caring for Laminate

While laminate flooring doesn’t quite match the durability of true hardwood, stone, or ceramic tile, it’s still a dense material that can hold up to daily wear and tear. Unlike wood or tile, laminate is easy to maintain. Regularly sweep using a broom or dust mop, wipe up spills quickly, occasionally damp mop using a laminate safe cleaners, and your floors will stay looking great!

Interested in using laminate in your home or business? Contact the experts at Floor Coverings International Klamath Falls today! We proudly serve the Klamath Falls, Lakeview, and Medford, Oregon areas and will come out for a free on-site design consultation to help you find the perfect match!

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