Bedroom Hardwood Flooring Klamath Falls, ORThe bedroom is an intimate space where people like to go to escape the stress of everyday life. Contrary to popular belief, carpet is not the only flooring material that is great for bedrooms. Although its comfort is unmatched, other flooring materials have given carpet a run for its money when it comes to bedroom flooring. One of those materials is hardwood, and there are numerous reasons why it is a great option for what many people view as the most cherished room of the house.

Wide Variety of Styles

The bedroom is where many people enjoy the most creative freedom when decorating, partly because it’s the room that is seen least by guests. Just as there are countless numbers of different individual décor styles, there are also many different styles of hardwood flooring. Between the varieties of wood species, color tones, grain patterns, plank widths and layouts to choose from, you’re sure to find a hardwood floor that matches your bedroom’s style.

Value & Lifestyle

Installing hardwood floors anywhere in a home can raise its resale value. They can look like new for years if properly maintained, and they add a warm and naturally beautiful aesthetic overall. Although hardwood is generally a more expensive investment upfront, they add a lasting value that carpet can’t. Another great thing about installing hardwood floors in the bedroom is they are lower maintenance than carpet. They’re easily cleaned, and depending on the type of wood, can be sanded down and refinished multiple times in the event of damage. Hardwood also alleviates allergies and doesn’t trap allergens in the flooring like carpet does. This can make a significant difference for some.

Hardwood is a great bedroom flooring option, but it’s not for everyone. Your lifestyle and needs should be taken into account when choosing flooring. But if your bedroom floors are rundown with tired old carpet, don’t discount hardwood as an option for its replacement. Call Floor Coverings International Klamath Falls to schedule a free design consultation and in-home estimate today!


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Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan