Living room carpetChoosing the right carpet for your Klamath Falls home is a big decision when you consider how long it can last. It’s best to do your homework before picking a style of carpet flooring for your home. There are a number of unique types to select from, each with their own specific qualities made to be better suited for certain areas of your home. Knowing where in your home you’re going to install the carpet helps to narrow down the possibilities. Three popular types of carpet worth considering are frieze, cut and loop, and Berber.


Frieze carpets are made up of fibers that have been twisted, so as to create a curled appearance that is both casual and elegant. Frieze has been one of the most popular carpet styles over the past two decades, and that is largely thanks to its unique appearance. However, the twisted fibers that make up frieze carpeting do much more than create a distinctive appearance. They also serve to hide footprints and dirt, as well as to conceal tracks left by vacuum cleaners. A sturdy brand of carpet, frieze is durable in addition to being soft and comfortable, making it ideal for parts of a home that experience high levels of activity.

Cut and Loop

Cut and loop style carpet is, as its name suggests, composed of looped yarns mingled with other loops that have been cut. This combination creates a unique, textured pattern that, similar to frieze carpets, can stand up to traffic in addition to hiding stains. The style itself can vary; with some versions featuring multiple levels of fibers for added texture as well as some with more varied cuts and loops to achieve complex patterns. A fashionable style, cut and loop carpeting can be used in a number of different rooms, but should be avoided in homes with pets, as it’s prone to snagging.


Berber is one of the most widely sold styles of carpet in Klamath Falls. It’s identifiable thanks to its looped fibers that tend to be short and packed. This composition creates a dense surface that is durable and easier to clean than many other carpet varieties. Berber carpets are well suited for rooms that experience high levels of traffic and are generally ideal for casual environments. They’re also an excellent choice for working spaces due to their focus on functionality and durability over cushioning.

Each of these carpet styles brings something unique to the table. While some are better suited for certain rooms or lifestyles, each of them is capable of lasting a long time. Doing your research before a big purchase is always important, but when it comes to these styles, each is a winner in its own way. Contact Floor Coverings International Klamath Falls today to schedule your free design consultation, and let us help you choose the perfect carpet for your home!


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Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan