a8fd8a632f016def140ed6fe0cdb893aAt Floor Coverings International, we love bringing you insight and perspectives from home designers. Today, we have an interview with Carla Aston, designer and blogger.

Floor Coverings International: Can you tell me a little about yourself?
Carla Aston: I’m an interior designer, and design blogger in The Woodlands, TX, sharing my passion for good design on my blog and in my work every day. I started with a degree in design, worked in larger architectural and design firms, then, after taking a break in my career to live overseas and spend time raising my kids, I came back to design full force. I have a thriving business where I do lots of remodeling design, interiors with home furnishings, and even a few commercial jobs now and then. This active business feeds my blog with all kinds of info, how-to articles, and an inside peek behind the scenes of a busy design studio.


FCI: What do you enjoy about blogging?
CA: I use it as a journal basically. It helps me work things out in my head on projects and gives me lots of ways to show clients what I’m talking about regarding design solutions. I use it as a tool and a way to get things off my chest.

Bs_qZ4hCcAAHGE4 dining

FCI: How would you describe your decor style?
CA: I’m a bit Rustic Chic, I like texture, neutrals, natural materials, but I like a little gleam and polish too. High contrast is big love for me. I have to have variety though and work in all kinds of styles. Design is design is design, no matter what style you’re in and it’s all fun.

White Kitchen - Hood

FCI: How would you define “good design”?
CA: Good design is when thoughtful, purposefully designed elements and details are incorporated into a space to develop the whole. Transitioning of materials is huge to me. That’s always a telltale sign of an amateur. You can tell when an interior has been well designed…..it’s not a copy of something else. The unique characteristics of the architecture, the homeowner, and the problems have been accounted for and dealt with in a thorough and detailed manner.

Craftsman Industrial Kitchen - Overall

FCI: Tell me about a recent project you’re especially proud of.
CA: I enjoyed this project as it probably represents my style more closely than any I’ve done to date. I also love the big impact we made by tiling the fireplace to the ceiling and changing outthe bookcase style. The whole space feels like a different house. http://carlaaston.com/designed/before-after-the-extraordinary-remodel-of-an-ordinary-custom-builder-home?rq=extraordinary

CA 2014 GG 008

Carla can be found online at carlaaston.com. Photos by Miro Dvorscak and Tori Aston.