You love the look and feel of wood flooring, but long for something a bit different from the norm. Instead of the standard five-inch plank with a glossy finish, you want to have some fun and make a statement. Fortunately hardwood flooring is a versatile material that can match almost any stylistic desire. Here are three types of wood flooring you can use to create a distinctive style, ranging from vintage revival to industrial chic. Keep reading to learn more from Floor Coverings International Klamath Falls!

pine wood flooring, floor coverings international klamath fallsRustic Feel

The distinctive, knotty appearance of pine wood flooring has an old-time charm that continues to capture hearts today. Pine is a softer wood and, as such, is more susceptible to denting than other varieties of wood flooring like oak or ash. However, many people deliberately use this trait to create an illusion of age and use. It’s a great fit for anyone aiming for a more rustic, timeless, style.

Craftsman Meets Contemporary

hand-scraped wood, floor coverings international klamath fallsHand-scraped wood harkens back to the exquisite custom wood floors of the past while still embracing modern luxury. Hand-scraping is a technique where skilled woodworkers shave and sand the surface of the wood flat using hand tools. The scrape marks are carefully placed to create a subtle pattern unique to each plank. This technique can be combined with the wide range of contemporary woods, stains, and finishes to stunning effect.

Bold Character

distressed hardwood, floor coverings international klamath fallsIf you love the gritty, weathered look then distressed hardwood is the floor choice for you! Unlike reclaimed wood, which is rescued from demolished structures, distressed hardwood is made from modern lumber that is weathered and artfully flawed by manufacturers. This process allows for greater quality control and makes distressed wood more affordable than reclaimed wood. Distressed wood has gained popularity for its bold style that embraces the dents and scuffs of life.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Cline (top), Artazum (middle), Potowizard (bottom).