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Inforgraphic: Wood Look Flooring Guide for Dog Owners

If you have a dog in the home, there are specific types of flooring to fit your needs.  Floor Coverings International Klamath Falls presents this infographic: Wood Look Flooring Guide for Dog Owners. Photo Credit: fongleon356

5 Options for Flooring in Your Mudroom

Choosing a flooring option for a mud room can be daunting. Mud rooms receive lots of traffic and can be a trouble spot in some houses. Flooring in this area of the home needs to be durable, resilient, and of course needs to blend in with your interior design. Here are 5 options for flooring…

What Kind of Flooring You Should Install in a Basement

Basements can be tricky in terms of what type of flooring to install as they usually deal with more moisture and humidity than the typical room. Here are some of our top picks for homes in the greater Medford and Klamath Falls area. Engineered Hardwood Solid hardwoods are not recommended for basement projects, as they…